Apr 13

Would you pay £520 a month to live in a London flat with a shower under the bed?

Take a look at the pics and make up your mind…

Earlier this month, a tiny London flat was let in 40 minutes. The keen renter actually paid £10,000 up front to seal the deal.

And today, London’s rental market just got weirder.

A home in West Kensington, with a shower under the bed, is up for rent for £520 a month.

Small flat in West Kensington

To get to the bed, you need to climb a wooden ladder. Also, the bed is so close to the ceiling that the tenant could probably touch it while lying down.

Small flat in West Kensington

Not to mention, the tenant will have to share a toilet with other tenants in the building.

Described as a “cosy” flat, the property comes with two dining chairs, a chest of drawers, and a wardrobe.

Small flat in West Kensington

An advert on Zoopla reads: “A cosy, single studio located in the heart of London’s fashionable and up-market area of West Kensington, this compact mezzanine includes not only a fully furnished living area including table, chair, wardrobe and chest of draws but also a personal shower and kitchenette complete with storage.

“This property is sure to be a popular choice with, students, working professionals and those looking for a thriving London life but at an affordable rate.”