Jul 10

Platinum Certified Student Operator

Nurtur Student Living, part of the Nurtur Group alongside Fraser Morgan and Warehouse Students, has been certified by Global Student Living as a Platinum Student Accommodation Operator.

The Global Student Living Survey, hosted by Global Student Living Index, concluded in May after giving residents living in the buildings managed by Nurtur Student Living the opportunity to provide honest feedback regarding their living experience.

This year, GSL introduced a new Certification system ranks from Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Nurtur Student Living is delighted to have achieved the top certification as a Platinum Certified Operator.

Certification, if granted, is graded against successfully meeting seven thresholds:

  1. Condition & Quality
    2. Bedroom
    3. Value for Money
    4. Care & Support
    5. Recycling & Environmental Facilities
    6. Overall Management
    7. Internet

Once the thresholds are met at silver, exceptional feedback then decides if certification is moved up to gold or platinum.

Having met all thresholds, the individual buildings managed by Nurtur Student Living have also achieved certification:

Canterbury Hall, Preston – Platinum Certified Property
Nurtur House, Sheffield – Silver Certified Property

The exceptional feedback has also placed Nurtur Student Living as a finalist at the Global Student Living Awards as ‘Best Small Operator‘. The winner will be announced at an awards ceremony in London this October.

We are delighted with the continued success of our luxury private-built student accommodation management company.

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